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The River (prelude) begins loosely based on the Hopi Fourth World, as the river guides us to our new home--at the position of her heart. She gives us everything we need to live, here, in our new home. But she comes to us again, saying we have to leave this place. That it can no longer be our home and she can no longer sustain us here. We must move due to her waters being abused by others.

The River (Prelude) is an exploration of coming back to home. Of being placed at home, desiring to have everything that is needed to love a place and being ripped away from it. Of others carelessness for the headwaters and the peoples who inhabit them. Of progression killing the headwaters region. Of natural movement and slow abandonment.

The River (Prelude) is a reflection of my home coming. A Colorado native, I moved to Chicago. After two years, I moved back to my birth region in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. I no longer feel connected to this place. This home. It is not that place I remember it being. It is torn and drought ridden. It is brown and gray. (please contact for password)